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Our Inspiration

Family Matters!

Our story begins with our youngest son, William, who loved Vegemite but had to stop eating it. 


William, now 8 years old, has Down Syndrome, Hirschsprung's disease, MTHFR Gene Mutation, and numerous food intolerances


His food intolerances were causing him ongoing gut problems. Eating Vegemite, for example, would make him sick due to the Yeast and Gluten ingredients. There were no alternatives to Vegemite that he could safely eat. So over three years, I experimented with creating one. EveryMite is the result of these years of development...and  now our son has a Vegemite-like spread he loves and thrives on!


Once our family, neighbours, friends, and friends of friends tasted EveryMite, it was in demand. Its demand has continued to escalate from my local community, to my state, and now throughout Australia as people with food intolerances learn there is a Vegemite alternative they can now safely eat.  There is also huge demand from even more people who don’t have food intolerances yet love EveryMite because it is a is additive-free and nutrient dense spread.

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Australian Made and Owned

EveryMite started at home in my kitchen at home, solely for my family. 


Once I became a food manufacturer and took my product to the market, my middle son Blaine and I worked from a commercial kitchen together-continuing to make it by hand. 

My son and I would bring the made jars home after a long day in the Kitchen. My husband would label them at night after work whilst I collated the orders, and then our son would deliver them the next day.

When EveryMite grew to the stage that we could no longer do this. I was determined to ensure that it was still locally made and still handmade with the same amount of love and care.  This has happened and EveryMite continues to be handmade locally in an allergen friendly environment, by a fellow small family business, still in Brisbane. 

We now have distributors that send it around Australia for us, every day. 

I am so proud that EveryMite has been embraced by Australia and that I have been able to "Spread on a Smile" to so many more people with my tasty allergy friendly alternative.

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