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Avo and Eggs on Toast

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

by Bianca @_thedailyfoodfeed

avo toast with egg on a plate

Sometimes a simple avo toast with egg is the best lunch

dEATS: - Wholemeal sourdough @bowanisland - 1/2 tbsp @everymite Low Salt Aussie Superspread - 1/2 avocado @australianavocados - 2 scrambled eggs @australianeggs (cooked in garlic EVOO @cobramestate ... literally a game changer) - Crumbled sheep feta - Chilli flakes, salt and pepper @hoytsfood - Roasted Hemp Seed Crumble @vassevalley Packed full of healthy fats, proteins and low GI carbs, this is a go-to, quick and healthy option for everyone

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