1 INGREDIENT ONLY: 100% Organic Buckwheat. (Gluten Free)


The purest bread alternative made with just ONE ingredient. These cakes are a great way to reduce your sodium intake and enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich organic buckwheat.


These special Buckwheat Cakes have no added salt, so you can cut down on your sodium intake while enjoying the lovely aroma and mild, toasty flavor of this earthy delight. Some spreads even taste better with less salt and the rich flavor of true buckwheat!


You’d be surprised by the amount of salt that finds its way into your meals, the average Australian consumes many times their daily recommended value. Cutting down on salt can improve your overall health in many ways.


Reducing the sodium in your diet can help lower your blood pressure and improve your circulatory system, while buckwheat’s iron can improve your energy levels. Less sodium may help decrease bloating and water retention as well.

Eat to Live BUCKWHEAT CAKES No Added Salt (Gluten Free)