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"SMOKED" Slow Smoked Pure Australian Raw Honey is slow smoked with smoke from untreated wood to make a unique, smoky flavour.

Its unique smoky taste is perfect to add to a marinade for meats and veges, to add to a salad dressing, to drizzle over cheese, or even to enjoy with your favourite piece of fresh sourdough bread.  

Our honey comes direct from the local beekeeper. It is ethically sourced from happy hives in Brisbane amongst a beautiful backdrop of lush flowers and forest for the bees to thrive.

We smoke our honey in small batches in a traditional smoker.

We bottle it all by hand in our small local factory on the outskirts of Brisbane.



Pure Australian Raw Honey



Store in a cool dry place after opening



"SMOKED" Slow Smoked Pure Australian Raw Honey- 375g

SKU: EO-SM-Honey-375g
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